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Professional Expertise | Core Competency  
  Focus on middle to senior level recruitment service
We focus on analyzing client information so as to deeply understand the talent demand of the clients, select the best candidates in accordance with characteristics of industries, clients and positions and provide the best recruitment solution. We research client demand, actively explore market, set up talent resource base improved day by day, accurately master talent characteristics and proactively provide career planning guidance.
  For Client:
The most appropriate talents are just outside the door.
Before contacting with a client, we have analyzed client demands at all levels according to function and industry, with the help of a complete set of management and selection system.
In order to find the best candidate for a client, we will fully connect with the client to get to know position demand, let our consultants further understand client demand with their professional background and ability, provide targeted talent selection, and conduct work evaluation of job seekers after the employment at appropriate time.
  For Talent:
For Candidate, we insist on “people-orientation”
We try to provide the most suitable jobs for candidates, offering generous reward and the work form conforming to their own living style. We hope our candidates could fully feel the interest of work and the good career development space in terms of self-growth, social evaluation, career environment, interpersonal relationship and many other factors.
Provide Professional Staffing Service

Staffing,including a one-stop service from recruitment, daily management and labor risk. It is a very flexible form of employment for the staffing company to undertake the full range of statutory employer liability, in terms of the number of dispatcher, the dispatch period and the selection of dispatched personnel.

In view of the problem:

The commercial society is changeable and complex, and the business fluctuation is elusive, and the temporary, auxiliary and alternative job demand often appears. The flexible employment model can solve some problems, which are caused by the recruitment season, the establishment of new projects, short-term replacement of employees and the shortage of talented people. Through the solution of job outsourcing and service process outsourcing, the purpose of improving the flexibility of the organization and reducing the risk of the enterprise is achieved.

  Scientific Talent Selection Solution

We have scientific talent selection solution that can select the best candidates for clients to successfully match with job requirements.
We select talents in a comprehensive manner through simulation test, capability assessment and many other tools, specifically including:


Collaboration Ability
It is mainly to check if a candidate could bring better performance for your project team or organization, and select conscious, transparent and responsible team members for the client, so as to make active contribution to successful team performance.

Communication Skill
Sincere communication is put in the first place. Candidate shall be able to insist on being themselves and treat people with integrity;
We will select talents with different communication skills in accordance with different demands and actual conditions, so that talents could find positive results for themselves and the organization.

Negotiation Skill
It is a related to communication skill. During selection, we will not pay too much attention to the result, but will emphasize if candidate could play flexibly in “simulation” process.


  Relying on our professional, concentrated, and efficient work, Leap Consulting recommends lots of excellent candidates for our clients, makes active contribution to the development of clients, and offers promising career opportunity for excellent talents in various fields.
Leap Consulting covers below specialization:
  Division of work

Every HR consultant has a post that he is good at and he has a wealth of job and recruitment experience of the post. Realize the service purpose of professional, specified and one-to-one division of labor and more accurately and effectively grasp the clients’ need for talents to meet the needs of customers for professional talent recruitment to the greatest extent.


 Senior Management

 Finance and Accounting
 Industrial Sales and Marketing

 Engineering & RD

 Production and Operation
 Quality & Continuous Improvement

 Supply Chain

 Human Resources
 Information Technology
Cooperation process

(1) Analysis of client demands: have in-depth communication with clients to understand relevant condition of the company in a comprehensive manner and discuss recruitment requirements with the client together.
(2) Searching proposal: formulate searching proposal for such position based on previous communication and contact with candidates.
(3) Signing of contract: sign contract with the client by following the principle of voluntariness. The agreement includes service contents, fee structure, payment period and guarantee period, etc.
(4) Talent searching and selection: contact with every potential candidates by our talent resource and strong social connection as well as utilizing our professional headhunting skill.
(5) Talent recommendation and interview arrangement: present a complete candidate report to clients at last after careful selection, and arrange the interview between clients and candidates at proper time.
(6) Reference check: When a candidate is preliminarily selected by the client, we will conduct reference check of such candidate at the request of the client, so as to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information of such candidate.
(7) Follow-up service and guarantee period: in case a candidate is officially employed, we will keep regular contact with the client and candidate, and coordinate the difficulties and obstacles that might be encountered by both parties in probation. In case the candidate leaves in guarantee period, we will provide free supplementation service of such position for the client.

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