Dedicate to integrity and efficiency and focus on profession and concentration, so as to let clients feel satisfied in the highest level.
Treat people with integrity and standardize the development. We are committed to setting up the cooperation relation based on trust by taking responsibility, encouraging openness and honest interaction, and hope to set up a beautiful future that can be effectively lasted.
Efficiency is life and the cornerstone of success. We pay attention to the efficient connection between enterprises and job seekers, guarantee the effectiveness of communication with all-round service at all times, and improve the utilization efficiency of resources.
Career is an endless process and one might be a master in its own industry. With rich recruitment experience and wide social connection resources of ourselves, we have been developed into a professional human resource company worthy of the name in Yangtze River Delta region now by using our strength and cooperating with others. Leap consulting will keep working to become a new benchmarking brand in human resource industry.
Concentration fosters love, innovation and achievement. We follow the standard but are not restricted by it. We are cautious but not conservative. We create future with concentration spirit and get benefits for clients.
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