LEAP, simple letter combination reflects the high level of international horizon. With the sky-blue matching color, the generosity of the brand is accurately reflected. In the logo with a red dot, the three-in-one high quality service is represented. The effective connection among candidate, client and consultant and return to simplicity is the hub, concentration and origin.
L, refers to LEAD. Be the market leader, lead the development of recruitment market, become the first choice of client.
E, refers to EFFICIENCY. Be the pioneer of quick response, give priority to efficiency and take the lead in the industry.
A, refers to ACCURACY. Be the model of accurate searching, save time and make it more accurate and effective.
P, refers to PERSPECTIVE. Be an observant leader, have particular perspective and develops new way of the cognition in the industry.
We are the preferred recruitment consultant to the clients and can fulfill clients urgent requirements in a real sense;
We are the first choice of clients and win people’s heart with service;
We are the high quality pacemaker of the platform and stand at the tide head with strength;
We will change the pattern of human resource industry in East China and even whole China with open and inclusive attitude and sharable development concept.
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