Leap Consulting advocates professional and concentration spirit and integrates this kind of spirit into every staff and every aspect of the work. Both the working experience and service attitude, and service efficiency and connection resource are core competency of Leap Consulting that are difficult to be surpassed by others in the same industry.
Working Experience:
All consultants in each team have more than 10 years of working experience on the average in each field and have mature, rich and efficient working experiences no matter from client recruitment demand analysis, talent recommendation, talent selection and talent retention management.
Service Attitude:
An all-round talent service team can provide service for clients all the time. All links are closely connected to avoid the waste of time. We make thorough investigation and research, keep finding so as to understand client demands in a better way, and arrange specially-appointed personnel to provide meticulous service and offer the solution that could practice value and establish long-term cooperation relation.
Response Efficiency:
The all-day service mode of the company could respond to client demands all the time and realize 24-hour barrier-free communication and contact with clients timely. We take the demands of clients and candidates into full consideration and realize efficient matching with unique scientific mode.
Social Connection Resource:
Every employee of us is not only a professional of the industry in its recruitment service field, but also has very good interpersonal network. Those advantages enable us to master the latest development trend and reliable information source in industry sector.
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